Breast Care & Mastectomy Clinic

Breast Care

Cancer is a traitor, it strikes when you are not watching thus there are programmes designed to raise awareness among both males and females about the disease. Breast care education exists to increase awareness of the disease and how to effectively perform a self-breast exam. Breast cancer awareness aims to educate men and women about the risks of breast cancer and emphasize on the importance of early detection and diagnosis.

Complementary Therapies

complementary therapies

Complementary therapies are those activities or therapies that are used by trained specialists together with patients to support mainstream treatments. They are discussed with the complementary therapy practitioner or counselor and patient in collaboration with the doctor to settle for the best therapy. The diagnosis of cancer brings about different emotions and distress in cancer patients, and so is its treatment. Complementary therapies play an important role in reducing stress, boosting the immune system, relieving pain, improving circulation, improving sleep patterns and restoring balance to the body system. Therapies include relaxation classes, massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and meditation. Specialist volunteers have over the years been helpful and still offer free complementary therapy sessions to cancer patients.

Resource Centre Services

Resource Center

The Cancer Association has a library for use by cancer patients, the general public, students and health practitioners. Brochures with information on cancers, cancer management and complementary therapies are also available at the Centre. The Cancer Association is grateful to the people and institutions who donate books and other materials to the library.

Support Groups

Support Groups

Support groups are type of psychological therapy that is conducted with a group people rather than in a one-on-one session. Cancer support groups provide tremendous support to those diagnosed and are living with cancer. One might have the most wonderful family and friends, but unless one has experienced cancer themselves, it is hard to really understand what a patient is going through. Cancer support groups offer an opportunity to share with others who have “been there” and experienced the emotions that come with a diagnosis of cancer. There are three support groups running, Reach for Recovery for breast cancer survivors, Ostomy for patients with bowel cancers and Social tea gathering. The ‘Social Tea Gathering’ offers support to cancer patients, other than those that are surviving breast cancer and bowel cancers.