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Cancer Research

Cancer Research

Cancer Association of Zimbabwe realised the importance of cancer research and is hereby seeking collaborations with institutions of higher learning, research funding institutions, Medical practitioners, Research institutions, Pharmacists, epidemiologist and many other individuals and institutions interested in Cancer research to jointly venture in cancer research. This is because most of the cancer researches that are used to guide current national cancer response in Zimbabwe are foreign studies. It is therefore, crucial for the nation to have local researches which in the opinion of the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe are likely to be more applicable to the local scenario.

The Cancer Association of Zimbabwe carried out outreach projects on breast and cervical cancer screening and the findings are published in the following documentation:

Cancer Association of Zimbabwe Baseline Survey Draft Report - 07/07/2014
Cancer Association of Zimbabwe - Mudzi Project Additional Report - 01/01/14 - 30/06/15
Cancer Association of Zimbabwe - Endline Survey Findings Presentation - 13/05/16

Cancer Association of Zimbabwe is seeking partnerships with Research funding institutions interested in the research areas above. Students at local and international tertiary institutions interested in writing thesis on cancer as part of their curriculum requirements can also contact the Cancer Association for help other than financial assistance.

Together, we can alleviate the national burden of cancer and give hope to cancer patients and their families.

Thank you for your valued support !!