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Breast Cancer Awareness

A range of emotions ran through my mind, I was afraid, who will take care of my young children if I die now. I felt sad and angry that why did it happen to a young woman like me. At the same time my future was filled with uncertainty, I was in denial and confused. In fact I went numb when the doctor told me that I had breast cancer. But the good news is, I am alive today...

- Breast Cancer Survivor




  • Do you answer ‘YES’ to any of the following questions?

Do you want to work for a cause you truly believe in?

Are you passionate about volunteering?

Do you like to have fun at work while making a difference in the community?

Do you want to fight back against cancer in your community?


Just think of the difference you can make by becoming a Cancer Association Volunteer. The Cancer Association of Zimbabwe relies on donations, sponsorship and fundraising initiatives for funding and need volunteers to support them. By joining our team of volunteers you can help us continue to lead the fight against cancer. If you are interested in becoming a CAZ volunteer contact the Fundraising and Events department on Tel: 04 – 707444/ 705522 and Email: